The launch of GyPSii

I’m just back from the launch of our new mobile<<—->>web geo-social networking “lifestyle application” and platform, GyPSii, in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. I have to say, after two years of woodshedding, working in stealth, designing, building a new team, testing, iterating, raising capital, going to public beta, followed by the Barcelona launch of GyPSii, the ambiguity started transforming itself. What we thought all along, “GyPSii is cool and useful,” also resonated in Barcelona; with partners, analysts, press, and most importantly, people who use it. We got a dose of clarity. Thanks to all !!!

Here’s a small sample of what some people said-

CNN’s Adrian Finighan’s blog posting about the MWC-

“So, what did I enjoy most? Well, meeting and interviewing Robert Redford, urbane and articulate as always, was a high point. And chatting with industry big-wigs and CEOs like Sunil Mittal of Bharti, Jim Balsillie of RIM, Samsung’s Geesung Choi. And with Dan Harple of GyPSii, a mobile social networking platform which, I’m willing to bet, will soon be as big a phenomenon as Facebook. Bigger, perhaps.”

Watch CNN’s coverage of GyPSii, “Social Networking Goes Mobile,” by clicking their logo-

Reuter’s Niclas Mika elaborates on our “Google the Fox” thinking-

“…Executive Chairman Dan Harple told Reuters it was a clear alternative for carriers to striking a deal with Google for mobile advertising…”

ABI Research principal analyst Dominique Bonte wrote, “Initiatives like GyPSii may ultimately reach a status comparable with existing social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.”

Our company marketing team is keeping a press page to try to keep up with the coverage we’ve received. You can access that by clicking here. Or, you can use the old standby, Google, and click here for news updates on GyPSii.

OK…… but, “What is Dan talking about? Why GyPSii ?”

The point is that GyPSii empowers everyone with a mobile phone in their pocket to digitally record their life, in real-time. Then, also share it in real-time with your friends, communities and social networks. With video, photos, and sound. All, with a geo-coordinate on where the action is. Your action, your life.

The Internet as we know it, is top-down and highly virtualized. The Googlebot’s crawl of the Internet does not represent “life,” but a digital representation of it. How do we make the Internet a better and more meaningful place? We re-build it from the ground up. And…the ground has coordinates. Geo, Earth, Gaia, Our Planet. Now THIS has some meaning. Places where we Experience Our Lives.

How do we make killer social networks like Facebook richer and more meaningful? We enable members of the network to post their lives, LIVE, in real time. Not from the cozy seat of geekdom, the chair at your laptop, but from where you really live your life- out and about. In the world. With your trusty and handy GyPSii-enabled mobile phone. It’s your personal digital life recorder (PDLR). It’s in your pocket. It’s mobile. You’re mobile. Your life is Here Now. Share it !!!

GyPSii’s goal is to reinvent content on the Internet. We all have mobile phones. Let’s use them to generate the content that we care about. Let’s PlaceMe to the places we go to and care about. Then SpaceMe to share our lives with those we care about. What could be more “Green” than sharing your life experiences where they happen (on the planet), instead of from the chair in front of your computer?

Every time you do a GyPSii PlaceMe, you are voting with your phone, you’re creating a new place on the Internet. What’s better about this? Well, a REAL PERSON did it. You cared enough to do it. It was not just an impersonal virtualized crawler that determined the significance of it, or, how many people “page ranked” it by clicking on it. What if millions of people PlaceMe at the same place? Wow, it must be a VIP (Very Important Place), which has infinitely more significance than millions of people clicking on it, in a browser. This new mode of “rank” has much more real-life value to people using the Internet.

My view- The GyPSii-enabled phone is the new Mobile Life Browser. You not only use it to search, discover, and find things, places, and people. You use it to create and generate new content and knowledge for others to share in networks (the Internet, Social Networks, Communities). Facilitating the creation of Internet content to everyone with a mobile phone in their pocket is the way to re-build Internet content from the ground up.

It’s a statement. A positive one about humanity and our Planet.

That statement is, “We live here, on our Earth, and we trust each other enough to enable every single person to use their Mobile Life Browser (GyPSii), to generate their own digital life representation. To make a new, more human and earth-centered Internet. More meaning, more context, more relevance.”

So, there is actually a reason for GyPSii. I hope others see it too… !

New England Autumn

When fall comes to New England

Click for Treetops Autumn Photos- November 8, 2007

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.

-Robert Frost