Speaking at the #140conf in New York City

I ran into Jeff Pulver in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress this year back in February. It had been years since he and I had spoken. I believe I was one of the first people Jeff interviewed circa 1995 when he started carrying his torch for Voice over IP (VoIP), as the founder of VON, among others, including the co-founding of Vonage. Jeff, at that time, reported on the early work I’d done with our team on realtime media on the Internet, collaboration and audio and video, and our merger with Netscape.  Jeff’s always had his radar on the newest coolest technologies and apps, and he documents his ideas at his widely read blog, http://jeffpulver.com/.  He’s @jeffpulver on twitter.

At any rate, Jeff and I reconnected from the shear force of synchronicity, and from that, he wrote a blog piece about my current work, “I’ve seen the future of the real time web, and it’s GyPSii.”  After that, he invited me to be one of the keynote speakers at his leading conference, “Exploring the State of Now, 140 Characters Conference.”  This global series of conferences, which started out being essentially about twitter, has grown to be a major presence in the dialog about real time communications, media, and how we as a species communicate.  With that, the video of my talk is here, so check it out-

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