An Amsterdam Birthday- Katrina turns 12 !

Today we celebrated Kit’s 12th birthday here in Amsterdam. With Miranda’s Chapel Hill Graduation early in the week, and now this, I feel like we’re on the Concorde, blasting through life, Whew!!! Family and friends came together and created a nice “gezellig” experience. There are two iPod videos, one singing the traditional Dutch birthday song, and the other, our US version. The only thing missing today was family and friends across the ocean.

Katrina, Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

Click on Kit for Birthday photos…

Graduation 2007- Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina

We all came from distant parts; Amsterdam, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, all for the purpose of seeing Miranda accept her University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill Degree. From the cradle to the Chapel Hill Bell Tower, these are memories that are forever forged in our minds.

Photos are here: Day One, Day Two, and Graduation Day. You can also click here to download some special video for your iPod !

The question comes to mind
About what should be done
And how much of the old will die
That the new may be begun
But you don’t have to be afraid
Of being alone with nowhere to run.
Someone knows who you are
Someone watches over you
Someone knows how you feel
And someone feels the same.You don’t have to be afraid
Whenever you go you come back again
So you don’t have to be afraid
We live and we die
You don’t have to be afraid to know why.
The Ikon, Todd Rundgren, 1974