Barcelona, Gaudi & Hyperbolic paraboloids

Yesterday we walked from our apartment on a path planned by Caren to see the wide range of architectural styles in Barcelona. Although the now-cliched “the journey is the reward” rings true, I have to admit that the destination on this particular day was the reward; Gaudi’s renowned Placa de la Sagrada Familia. We’ve traveled the world and seen many amazing things, but this is absolutely the most stunning combination of architectural vision and construction magic I’ve ever seen. It brings tears to the eyes of architects and mechanical engineers alike.

My geo-located PlaceMe’s are-

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After we returned to Amsterdam, the Sunday NY Times had a great article on Barcelona, describing many of the places we actually visited.

Cathedral de Barcelona

We’ve traveled to Barcelona for the Crocus Vacation week in the Netherlands. This is the annual Noord Holland school vacation week to commemorate the arrival of the crocuses in early March.

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The Cathedral de Barcelona is undergoing a major restoration. One unusual aspect is they actually let visitors take an elevator up to the roof, from which you have an enormous view directly out to the Mediterranean Sea, not to mention the rooftops of all the surrounding Barcelona Old Gothic district.

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Barcelona 3GSM World Congress 2007

I spent three days this month in Barcelona attending the 3GSM World Congress 2007, the epitome of mobile geekdom. Vast sums of money were spent throughout Barcelona advertising the latest in mobile technologies. Full-building sized ads were prevalent, as the whole city embraced being on-the-move. Click PlaceMe for my geo-located event entrance.

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Snow on Dam Square

Cycling home from the health club, the icy rain stinging my face. My fingers growing numb as the hail bounces off them. As I approach the Dam, the streetlights turn on, while simultaneously, the hail turns to snow. I stop, pull out my mobile device, and do a PlaceMe on the spot, capturing the moment…

Lat/Lon: 52.37 x 4.89
Dam Square- 06 Feb 2007