Dutch girls invade Treetops !

Now that it’s getting cooler, the leaves are turning (although not as colorful in Amsterdam as the USA), it reminds me of the old toon, “Summertime Blues…”-

Gonna save two weeks
Gonna have a fine vacation
Gonna take my problem
To the United Nations

Sometime I wonder
What I’m gonnna do
There ain’t no cure
For the summertime blues

July saw an invasion of Dutch girls at Treetops!  Our close friends Vanessa and Jenny came and stayed a bit.

Vanessa & Jen on S/Y Taliesin

Some great times were had; click on Vanessa & Jen to see the photos of hanging out at the dock, hula-hooping, Martha’s Vineyard, Speedster cruising, sailing, and all around good times.

Back in Amsterdam !

Having left in early July to return to the States, today I realized how fast two months can go by, and, how vibrant Amsterdam is. Being back in Amsterdam for less than 4 hours, we immediately joined in the annual celebration of our neighborhood (buurt), The Nine Streets (De Negen Straatjes Fest). The streets here are in continual upgrade, which means that the bricks get re-laid, the “Amsterdammers” removed and curbs added. A commemorative stone was laid in honor of the day’s celebration-

De Negen Straatjes Fest-2006

Pictures of my first hours back in Amsterdam are here. I also took some movies (MP4 format); one of the drum band “Braza,” which can be found here, and the next of the “Negen Straatje Wandering Band,” which is here.