Graduation Day in Amsterdam

Friday, 23 June, was Graduation Day for 5th graders at the International School of Amsterdam. Kit and her friends officially said farewell to their Primary school years, and celebrated their beginning of the Middle Years Program (MYP). ISA runs its program on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and this day signified their graduation from the Primary Years Program. (PYP)

Events such as this surely prove how fast time goes by. A milestone in our kid’s lives, and also one in ours. Pure exhilarated grrrl power may be a source of alternative energy !!!

Long live grrrl power !!!

Click here for the photos of the day, and here for pics I extracted for our friend Arjun (who unfortunately couldn’t be there) of his daughter, Amira.

World Cup 2006

The craze for soccer in the Netherlands surely surpasses that for American football in the states. Amsterdam is engrossed in the support of their National team at the 2006 World Cup in Frankfurt. We watched the first Nederlands game against Serbia & Montenegro (SCG) at our neighbors house, with some photos here.

Click for the Wuppie Theme Song

The de facto “mascot” for the Dutch Team is the “Wuppie,” a small orange furball thing that sticks onto stuff. There is even a Wuppie theme song in the Albert Heijn Food Market Commercials. The kids have to collect them, of course !

Click here to get all the info on the Nederlands National Team.

On the water, Part B (A Hopeless Love Affair…)

Tonite I got a series of emails (with pictures) from our friend Stuart MacGregor at The Concordia Company, telling me that, after a season in the shed, inevitable winter projects and multiple coats of fresh varnish completed, tomorrow is the day for the seasonal launch of Taliesin. The great pics he sent are here.

It’ll be hard to make it for the launch, being 3,488.62 miles away. So, I guess this blogpost is the post-Internet way to let Stuart and the Concordia team know (along with my son Cody and his partner Allyson) how much our family appreciates their fine work and care for our old classic Houtenboot (Wooden Boat) !

Cody at The Concordia Company with Taliesin

Despite the deep beauty and history here in Amsterdam, there is much to be said about our area in New England- the pureness of the Buzzards Bay, the open space, the tradition of yachting and fine boats, the connection that people have with the water, the Islands.

The seasonality of it all; waiting for the Spring to break the Winter freeze, the season itself, on into the snap that comes with Fall, the sweet musty smell of the salt mixing with leaves, and the inevitable day of haul-out for winter storage- there is surely much to miss about where we’re from. It’s time to go and sail !
Another deep tie to this tradition is our stewardship of S/Y Taliesin. Taliesin, built in 1957, was the first “bright” Concordia sold by Waldo Howland. Of the 103 Concordias built by Abeking and Rasmussen in Germany, she was unique, a harbinger of refined design. The history of this class of yachts is legendary, with its roots right here in our home port, Padanaram.

Taliesin started her life with her first owner as “Banda,” and became a flagship of The New York Yacht Club. Her original shipment from Germany, via freighter to Boston, subsequent tow to Padanaram, commissioning, and racing days were well documented by the famous local yachting photographer, Norman Fortier. (A sample of those located here) Our purchase of her in early 2005 and subsequent restoration at Dodson Boatyard, returned her back to the very berth of her original delivery at Concordia, which is where she resides now.

Which is where she’ll be tomorrow, launched, awaiting our arrival from The Netherlands. Tot gauw !