An Amsterdam Birthday- Katrina turns 12 !

Today we celebrated Kit’s 12th birthday here in Amsterdam. With Miranda’s Chapel Hill Graduation early in the week, and now this, I feel like we’re on the Concorde, blasting through life, Whew!!! Family and friends came together and created a nice “gezellig” experience. There are two iPod videos, one singing the traditional Dutch birthday song, and the other, our US version. The only thing missing today was family and friends across the ocean.

Katrina, Hartelijk gefeliciteerd!

Click on Kit for Birthday photos…

Graduation Day in Amsterdam

Friday, 23 June, was Graduation Day for 5th graders at the International School of Amsterdam. Kit and her friends officially said farewell to their Primary school years, and celebrated their beginning of the Middle Years Program (MYP). ISA runs its program on the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, and this day signified their graduation from the Primary Years Program. (PYP)

Events such as this surely prove how fast time goes by. A milestone in our kid’s lives, and also one in ours. Pure exhilarated grrrl power may be a source of alternative energy !!!

Long live grrrl power !!!

Click here for the photos of the day, and here for pics I extracted for our friend Arjun (who unfortunately couldn’t be there) of his daughter, Amira.

Ice Skating in Amsterdam

The Museumplein is the grand backyard for the Rijksmuseum, the Dutch National Museum. There is a great outdoor ice skating rink that also functions as a wading pool in the warmer weather.

Museumplein is less than ten minutes by bike from our house. Caren and Kit try to go as often as they can. I sometimes tag along and take photos, of which some are here. These photos were taken February 26, 2006, a crisp clear day in Holland.