Is there redeeming value in YouTube?

…so OK, the outrageous price paid for YouTube by Google sure looks like “Bubble 2.0″ to me. when my friend, journalist reed stevenson predicted this acquisition six months ago, i just couldn’t see it….or…i could, but not for the steep price that Google paid. and for what? in all actuality, perhaps the largest amount of video media content ever “stolen” in a record-setting mass copyright infringement case… the technology is not new or even innovative. gee, just like microsoft!

what is innovative though, is the lesson(s) learned by the napster fiasco and the illegal downloading era. and, the VC calculus on the deal, it just seems so…conspiratorial..! YouTube’s R&D software related budget probably paled in comparision to the fees the company paid legal counsel to insulate the company from lawsuits.

…anyway….is YouTube any good ? here’s my story-
it’s chock full of utter garbage….and…but, but, yes…!!!- it’s also a gigantic haystack with infinite silver and golden long-lost needles awaiting your discovery…. i experimented a bit with stuff i care about, music that’s altered and impacted me over the years, with an emphasis on great guitar players. so, i’ve wasted precious hours sucked into this vast repository of “stuff,”- each hour thoroughly enjoyable!

the result ? i’ve assembled the following list for your viewing and procrastination pleasure. consider it “FlasbackTV.”

you tell me, “Is there redeeming value in YouTube?”

….oh.., Google still overpaid

FLASHBACKTV PRESENTS, “for your dining and dancing pleasure…” (as frank zappa used to say…)-
todd rundgren-

frank zappa-

  • st. etienne improv.
  • stairway to heaven
  • TV commerical for apostrophe
  • uncle remus
  • cosmic debris
    (frank would say that he “just wiggles his fingers around” on solos and that only about one half of one percent was valid or worthy…)
  • dweezil’s tour tribute on dirty love, (wow, dweezil really cranks!!!)
  • sleep dirt
  • vintage montana (check out the dual drummers, george duke, et al…)
  • jamming on poly rhythms w/his favorite drummer, terry bozzio
  • composing on the synclavier (at the time, this equipment cost $300-400K. the software i have on my mac in 2006, “reason,” for $400, does all of this and more… !!!!
  • frank on the mike douglas show in 1976, part 2 is here
    (unbelievable that TV used to have stuff like this on it….and…check out the pre-eddie van halen hammer-on harmonic technique frank uses…)
  • finland-1974 interview
  • 27 minutes of montana. dupree’s paradise (george duke intro.) w/jean luc ponty, sweden, 1973- watch frank conduct the group shades of edgar varese… amazing footage, albeit pixelated and spotty!!!
  • frank on david letterman, 10-31-83

joe walsh-


steely dan-

Impedance—->Science—>Life—>Music !

One of the more interesting principles in physics, acoustics and electrical engineering is “impedance.”

It’s been repurposed as a term for other social situations also. For example, when you meet someone who happens to be very focused or relaxed, and you are amped up and oozing verbosity, you are known to not know how to “impedance match.” Impedance matching is critically important when you are in a different country- not only is the language an initial barrier, but the attitudes and unwritten rules of contact are also. So, impedance is a pretty important part of your life !

A Scientific Definition is, “The opposition to the flow of electric or acoustic energy measured in ohms.”

But more generally, I see it as, “the opposition to the flow of energy.” You can use it as a life principle.

When there is tension around a decision or situation, I tend to think in terms of Impedance. With that, this week I wrote a new composition, “High Impedance,” which is at Studiogracht.